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The opening of A Hedda Gabler by Nigel O'Hearn. We hear the show open as the music box turns and the story begins. It is raining outside and the housekeeper keeps singing the same melody while Hedda is stomping around the set. We hear the singing end as the thunder rolls and Hedda continues the melody on the piano

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Haunted Carnival- Children are haunting the carnival rides 

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Skating Lovers 1800 British Museum png.png

Orlando by Sarah Ruhl Act1.6 into Act1.7 . Young lovers Orlando and Sasha skating into winter as they journey into London

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A Hedda Gabler. Wichita State University,
Nov 2017 feat. Jessica Curtiss 

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A Dream Play by August Strindberg, Agnes floating in a cave as the tide comes in and out

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Sitting on the front porch listening to the rolling thunder as the rain slowly starts to end

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